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In our hyper-connected age, audiences have changed, but our ways of reaching them haven’t. Our ability to understand, engage, and influence them, using new methods and media, is both our biggest challenge and our biggest opportunity. This is your practical guide to harnessing the power of words to reliably change behaviour. On the battlefield, on the campaign trail and in the boardroom.

You will discover:

  • How language can be used to fix outdated marketing approaches
  • How unearthing a 2,000-year-old arrowhead inspired the future of communications
  • How changing a few words saved hundreds of lives in Afghanistan
  • How an audience’s use of language reveals their underlying psychology
  • How to measure cognition rather than perception, and why it matters
  • How moving to Measures of Effect can transform campaigns and businesses
  • How to understand the shape of the ‘lock’ in your audience’s brain
  • How to cut the right messaging ‘key’ to fit
  • How verbal building blocks provide consistency and flexibility
  • How to develop a comprehensive language toolkit that drives change


“… the Verbalisation process is an ingenious and effective technique. I have seen positive results in terms of conflict resolution and anti-radicalisation. I would unhesitatingly recommend this book to anybody who has an interest in solving the world’s problems.”
–Lord Bell

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